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Thesis report on fear


Βάκχαι-The Bacchae

Performance & exhibition soundtrack

The soundtrack of the project is a Dj mix of electronic sounds based on the plays structure. The genres from which the sounds will be chosen are, Nature soundscapes, noise, idm, ambient, experimental, industrial, hip-hop, braekbeat, drum and bass, brake core, tekno,  dub, dub step, trap, folk, blues. What is going to be played and when will depend on the scenario, what is happening at the place and the reaction of the participants on the sound and in general the whole project.Most of the Music used is a selection of various musicians mixed by me in combination with some of my own sounds.

87,9 FM Signal Strike

Noise & Visual Session @ Fabrica Yfanet 2013

The main ideas of this gig was to com­bine vi­deo lives and ex­pe­ri­men­tal noise mu­sic, ba­sed on in­ter­ac­ti­vi­ty and im­pro­vi­sa­tion. A ra­dio trans­mit­ter broad­cas­ted the gig on an emp­ty fre­quen­cy, used tem­po­ra­ry du­ring the event. Like this, the sound was am­pli­fied by all the spea­kers, ra­dios car, hi­fi sys­tems and ghet­to blas­ters people brought with. This has pro­duce a spa­cia­li­zed and com­po­sed (va­rious) sounds eve­ryw­here in the buil­ding where it took place.
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